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Guide For Graphic Design

Published by Jebran in Graphic Design · 5 December 2022
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AI wonders are making graphic design agencies giddy with excitement and terrifying them at the same time. Its massive transformation into the tech world has shaken numerous industries and the design world is no exception.
Where newbies fear AI to be a substitute, professionals know how to leverage its full capacities. So, if you are wondering how the technology can help transform the design industry and what ways AI can assist an ethical designer, here’s the blog to find your answers.
Growth and Application of AI Across Major Industries
AI has experienced a snowballing adoption rate over the years due to its uncompromising efficiency and advances. According to the Statista report, the global market size reached $327.5 billion in 2021.
Whereas, Gartner predicted AI software to reach $62 billion in 2022 alone. The global annual revenue of AI software currently is around $50 billion, see below:

AI software integrates a business with its uncountable benefits. Reduced operational time, greater business insights, automation, enhanced productivity and reduced human error are some it powers up any business.
At present, tech giants such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are spending billions of dollars on AI products and services. However, considering the potential of Artificial Intelligence, universities are making it a prominent part of their curricula. All the major industries have now untapped the undeniable significance and the role of AI to influence innovation and advancements in terms of productivity, security and efficiency. So, how does AI transform the design industry? Let’s dive deep below:
Future of AI Designs: Rising Above the Hype
To let AI assist graphic design agencies with its full capacity and potential there is a need to first deconstruct it. Instead of thinking about AI as “artificial intelligence”– a substitute, consider it as “augmented intelligence”. Designers need to conceptualise AI as a tool that augments the level of intelligence in a service in terms of its overall quality or productivity.
AI bots are not replacing designers but instead assisting them in terms of optimization and speed. A designer using AI software tends to create designs faster and with greater proficiency. AI bots have the power to analyze vast amounts of data and offer accurate suggestions to enable a designer to create a most engaging and industry-specific design.
Speedy Design Prototyping
With the help of AI tools, designers can create multiple prototype versions that can be A/B tested with users. The tools assist in scanning basic sketches for speedy design prototyping. In the AI tool users enter a few parameters and get a library full of UI components that provide a prototype which is aligned with the company’s design system. Airbnb is one of those early adopters who are using this technology to generate design components using computer vision-enabled AI and machine learning.
Seamless Product Localization

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